The main risks associated with the development of synthroid pills cyst are an increase in the compressive effect of the cyst body on the brain centers, resulting in impaired body functions, as well as rupture of the cyst.

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After the removal of the arachnoid cyst, the consequences may be a violation of hearing and vision, speech function. With untimely diagnosis of an arachnoid cyst, the consequences can be extremely dangerous (hydrocephalus, cerebral hernia, death).

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Video from YouTube on the topic of the article: The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Arachnoid cyst of the brain.

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In most cases, an arachnoid cyst does not manifest itself in any way. It is small and, as a rule, does not grow and does not prevent a person from living a normal life.

In rare cases, a neoplasm makes itself felt when it provokes the appearance of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms for a person.

What causes a cyst in the head.

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A benign spherical formation - a cyst in the brain - inside is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. The severity of symptoms depends on the size of the neoplasm, but it is detected during an accidental medical examination or when diagnosing any other disease. The arachnoid cyst of the brain proceeds in most cases asymptomatically.

Vivid neurological symptoms are present in only 20% of patients. Factors affecting the appearance and growth of kisty: any brain injury; growth inside the cystic formation of fluid pressure; inflammatory process in the brain (infection, virus). Types of arachnoid cysts.

Leading experts in the field of medicine today define two types of neoplasms that differ from each other in the cause of occurrence.

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What is dangerous retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst.

This type of neoplasm is located between the pia mater and the dura mater. A risk factor is that a retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst can subsequently contribute to cell death, and this condition leads to a malignant tumor. In children, the neoplasm leads to developmental delay or hypermotility syndrome. In adults, a growing cyst increases pressure on the gray matter and brain tissue.

The main signs and symptoms of education. Signs of a cyst appear with its growth. Headaches begin, tinnitus, skin sensitivity is disturbed. If the arachnoid cyst of the brain is not treated, then paralysis of the limbs can occur, epileptic seizures appear, deafness increases and vision is lost.

The symptomatology of the disease is characteristic of a specific area of ​​the lesion. Small bubbles with liquid content in the brain tissues do not pose a threat to a person, and he easily lives with them all his life. Large formations of a progressive type have clear signs of pathology.

When a cyst forms in newborns as a result of inflammation, damage or other pathology of the brain, then this is a ramulation formation that manifests itself anywhere. If the baby has parasites, for example, a tapeworm, then a parasitic cyst may develop.

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Neoplasms of synthroid pills are the result of impaired circulation of the interstitial fluid.

Symptoms depend on the location and type of cyst, and there is no universal list of them. The following conditions may indicate a pathology of the brain in a child: pulsating fontanel; lethargy of the limbs; disoriented look; regurgitation fountain after feeding. When to collect mint for drying for the winter Benefits and harms of prostate massage Hair wax.

Methods of therapy for the disease will depend on the results of the diagnosis. If the arachnoid cyst of the brain is small, then it does not pose a health hazard. The patient will be observed by a doctor and periodically examined. During this period, it is important to eliminate the cause of the pathology and minimize the influence of negative factors. If the neoplasm grows rapidly, then drug therapy or surgery will be used.

Medium-sized cysts can be eliminated with medications. The course of treatment is prescribed individually and is carried out under the supervision of a doctor until the patient's condition improves. Names of drugs that can stop the growth of a neoplasm: absorbable adhesions: Longidaz, Karipatin; activating metabolic processes in tissues: Actovegin, Gliatilin; immunomodulators: Viferon, Timogen; antiviral: Pyrogenal, Amiksin. Folk remedies and herbs.

With an asymptomatic brain cyst, it is possible to maintain the body with folk recipes: Hemlock herb tincture. Eliminates headaches. The duration of treatment is 79 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated. You can prepare the tincture as follows: 100 g of seeds or chopped stems are poured with olive oil(0.5 l). For three weeks, the solution should be left in a dark place.

After the oil is passed through gauze several times. An infusion is taken through the nose 3 times / day, 2 drops each. Infusion from the root of the Caucasian Dioscorea. Favorably affects the work of the brain: it cleanses and dilates blood vessels. The course of admission is 2-3 months. The root (200 g) is crushed, the jar is filled, poured with 700 ml of vodka. In a cool place, the composition is infused for 5 days.

After the infusion is drained, and another 700 ml of vodka is poured. After 5 days, both compositions are mixed, filtered and consumed in 2 tsp. three times / day before meals. Yeast elixir. Helps reduce inflammation, normalize intracranial pressure. The course of treatment is three weeks. Yeast (1 tablespoon) is mixed with dried elecampane grass (40 g) and three liters of boiled water. Insist 2 days, then take 4 times / day for half a cup.

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blood for cholesterol; to detect infections; dopplerography of blood vessels; measurement of blood pressure (reveals its jumps).

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After removal of the cyst, there is sometimes a violation of speech, hearing or vision.

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The change in the size of the arachnoid cyst should not be taken as a cancer, but preventive measures should be taken to maintain brain health.